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Saturday, February 18, 2017

A fool

I used to be that way.

I followed wherever you go,
I secretly looked at at you,
I purposely get angry at you,
I foolishly did things for you..

You walked away.

And once,

I told myself not to be that way,

I couldn't stop myself,
Every time I fall in love,
I foolishly made myself a fool,
A fool that secretly looked at you.

And once,

I told myself,
Not to fall in love again.

I lied.
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

I must be crazy

I must be crazy,
Thinking of you,
You who are so far for me to reach.
I must be crazy,
Dreaming of you would be mine.
I must be crazy,
Dreaming of you,
Standing in front of me,
Staring at me,
Talking to me,
I must be crazy,
Dreaming of you,
You, you and you.
I must be crazy,
Dreaming of you,
Again and again.
Above all,
You are just my thoughts,
My imaginary man.
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Friday, December 9, 2016


It is something familiar,
Yet so far for me to recognise.
Would i be able to notice it?
Would it exist for me to see?
It is something familiar,
I don't understand.
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For a moment,
I was restless.
Would there be goodness?
Would there be happiness?
For a moment,
I was restless.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Knowing you,
Seeing you,
Hoping for everyday to bump into you,
Making an effort to know you,
Were the best moment,

Knowing you,
Seeing you,
Hoping for everyday to bump into you,
And making an effort to know you,
Were one of the mistakes I've done...

A mistake taught me a lot,
Though it hurts seeing you now.

Thank you for letting me know your true self.
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Monday, December 28, 2015

No title

Life is unpredictable.
Sometimes it is sweet,
Sometimes it is bitter,
Sometimes it is smooth,
Sometimes it is harsh...

Love, on the other hand,
is predictable...
It's either you happy with it
or unhappy with it...

For me,
I always end up liking the wrong guy..
those guys I used to like,
were of the same 'category'..
Why they were wrong?
It's not that I dated them till I know what they were doing...?
Ya I know, but..
It's just happened that "I know" something about them..
Something better left unsaid...(actually i already told some of my friends)
It is enough for me to say,
I won't like any guy anymore,
It's painful to know,
someone you like or you love 'to death' or whatever you may call it,
does something not right...
Though it's just a one-sided like or love,
It's enough to make my heart ......(indescribable)
*sight to the maximum*

I used to be asked a question
"which one you prefer? someone who you love or someone who loves you?"
That time, yes.. I rapidly answered the first one..
But now, I prefer the latter.
Being loved is what everyone wants..
Although it's hard to accept, but soon,
you'll love that person too...

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Saturday, December 26, 2015


I cannot look at someone's face in two situations,

either I hate him/her or I like him/her
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Once upon a time,
there was a girl who enjoyed her life.
She was smart, bright and talkative.
Everywhere she went was a playground to her..
Running, jumping, exploring things..
She barely remembered hardship, pain

As time passes,
the girl grown up..
Being a little matured than she was before..
She was smart and talkative as what she was before...
She still enjoyed the life she lived in..
Playing, laughing, joking around...
But, there were times she felt pain, hardship...

The girl grown up more,
to serve the world she lived in..
She became different,
to the world, to the people around her,
as she felt pain, misery, harshness...
She barely opened her mouth,
she was silent.

She was different,
different to the eyes of people around her.
She was different,
as she lived in different world,
a world she created herself.

She was different,
different to the people seeing her grew up,
different, different, different.
But, in her eyes, in her heart, in her world
she was the same girl she was before,
a girl who used to be bright...talkative.


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