Wednesday, September 16, 2015


There is a saying "do not hate a person so much coz you'll end up liking the person"....

The way he talk, the way he walk,
it seems familiar to you...
As he speaks, you like him,
as he stares at you, the more you like him..

You, once, thought he was your destiny..
You, once, thought it was a fate to meet him..
You, once, thought he would be yours...
You, once, thought you would be his,
though you rarely talk to him.

You wish the day was longer,
you wish he saw you more,
you wish you could be close to him,
you wish could know him better,
you wish your thoughts were true,
you wish your wishes came true.

The sky was clear,
as he was there around you...
though you just watch him from far.
Never mind, you like him after all.
Very much.

As time passes,
the love you have for him,
the world you created for him,
the dream you have with him,
everything turned the other way round.

You thought you love him,
you thought he was you destiny,
you thought it was fate,
you thought he was yours..

All these thoughts were gone,
coz the love you have for him,
for no reason, turned into a hatred.

You then hate him,
you shred all the memories you had with him,
you turned away from him,
you could not even say his name.

You wish not to see him again,
you wish he never be in your life,
you wish you never met him,
you wish you could erase you memory,
you wish all your wishes came true.

But then, was there a saying "do not like a person so much coz you'll end up hating the person"?


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