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tiba2 terasa nak post pasal trip legoland yg dah lapuk tu...
terfikir la just in case ade orang yg still tertanya2 berapa harga tiket, valid ke diskaun mamee or corntos or double decker tu??
walaupon boleh cek kt web legoland sendiri, saje, nak post jugak..hehehe

as stated in legoland Malaysia website, the price of the ticket is RM140.. however, u have an opportunity to get a 35% discount by purchase either Mamee, Corntos, or Double Decker snack.

when u reach legoland, there will be someone or few of people who will ask u to buy legoland ticket from them. they offer less than lego ticket, but if you tell them u have discount ticket, they'll offer u RM90..(note that if u but from lego counter, the price is RM91+)
At first, my friends and I were skeptical to buy from them because at the 'online ticket' which they call it, there was other person's name. eventually, we bought them.
suspiciously and nervously, we walked to the main gate with the ticket.(the ticket was only a printed A4 paper with lego logo, names and bar code). we saw nobody was with that online ticket.
luckily, the tickets were valid!  fuuuu~

So, those agents were reliable. those who want a cheap price, please go to them. maybe u can tell them u have a 45% discount from mamee...who knows they'll give u lesser than we got.hahaaa..

Here are pictures of legoland!

u can see from my eyes, how hot it was..

the top view of legoland..

4D cinema.

muka letiiih..letih gila!

putrajaya, malaysia!



the end. thank u~

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